Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Let me take a little of your time to introduce myself. My name is Philip Toh. Since you are reading this website, you are likely to be exploring how you (or your child) can do well in the subject of
Principles of Accounts (POA) for the O level examinations. You are on the right track.

I am a retiree with more than 30 years of work experience in the finance and accounting related field. I have held positions from accountant to Chief Financial Officer in a publicly listed company. Since 2009, I have been a part-time tutor at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Accounting. I have more than 15 years of teaching experience with NUS, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and other educational institutions. I have both the academic and practical knowledge to guide students in their  learning of POA. Not just to learn but to master and excel in the subject.

By way of accounting qualification, I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from NUS as well as professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) UK. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Science Honours (B.Sc Hons) from the University of Singapore (predecessor to NUS) and was among the top achievers at the O and A level examinations for my cohort.

Why do I want to be a tutor if I am retired from full time employment?

The answer is two fold. Firstly, I enjoy teaching and interacting with young minds. That is why inspite of holding down a full time job, I made time to teach since 1991 and why I continue to teach at NUS.

Secondly, as an accounting professional, I have observed that Singapore continues to be short of accounting personnel. While Singapore's economy may move up the value chain, the demand for accounting personnel will not decrease. It is good that many secondary schools offer POA as a subject at O level. I hope that this will help improve the supply of personnel with accounting skills. I also hope that in a small way I can help in this aspect.

As a retiree, making money is not a prime motivation. Making meaningful use of my time is more important. So I hope to be able to help students handle the POA in two ways. I will conduct tuition classes for POA. These classes will be very affordable and intended for those who need help in the subject. These tuition sessions will be conducted in the afternoons from 4 - 7 pm for a couple of days a week. As I would like to help more students, I intend to conduct group tuition of about 2 hours each session but with the class sizes to be limited to 2 - 4 students a session.

Also through this website, I will also offer free help to any student who sends in POA related questions  and I will reply by mail to these questions within a practical time frame. The questions should be submitted by a snapshot of the class or text book question or topic or if it is a student's own question, it should be type written in word or excel.

If any student needs help and is unable to afford the fees, feel free to contact me at I will do my best to help.
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