I would like to help students who are taking their N/O level POA exams by offering
FREE tuition to those who need help but who are unable to bear the costs of tuition.

This will be on a first come first served basis. Any "needy" student who can gather a
group of two to four students in similar position may contact me and I will go over to the home of one of the students and provide FREE tuition to the group until they complete their POA exams.

The tuition will be conducted once a week, in the afternoons between 4.00 to 7.00 pm. Actual day and time will be agreed with students separately. 

If you would like to take up this offer, please email me at

In your email please indicate:
     Number of students,
     Address of the location for the tuition
     Time and Day (please provide at least 2 time slots)
     Contact Person's Name, email and phone.

Please ensure you provide the correct email address to contact you.
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Income or Expense,
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