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..... a patient tutor.. used vivid examples to make accounting concepts much understandable for the students
      Very good explanations in class ....helped me to understand the concepts easily.
      He makes concepts very clear and relevant.                                                                                 Students 2016/17
He is good in simplifying complicated concepts for us to understand.     
Favourite teacher so far.  Very engaging.                                                                                          Students  2009/10
A very effective tutor who is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable teacher who allowed us to think, analyse, discuss the business concepts before solving the tutorial questions.         
Able to explain answers very clearly                                                                                                    Students 2010/11
He leads us through the thinking process instead of just showing the answers .. often gave relevant examples
Very good teacher.  Has a lot of working experience to backup the content he is teaching.  Cites a lot of real-life examples and applications.  Very friendly and effective teacher overall                                    Students  2011/12
He is very clear in his explanations and make sure that we pay attention in class. 
Very funny! (= increase my understanding how acct is applicable to real life (: he made acct to be such an interesting subject! Really enjoy the tutorials.                                                                                Students   2012/13
Explains difficult concepts simply.
Good in explaining the concepts of the various topics every class                                            Students   2013/14
Able to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner, by using very relevant examples.
Of great help in helping me understand the concepts better.                                                        Students  2014/15
Very clear in his explanation, always looked forward to his tutorial.
Brings in his relevant experience to elaborate concepts better. Best tutor ever!                                                                                                                  
Very good explanations and presentation of answers.                                                                    Students  2015/16
..  Explains concepts well. Easily approachable.. ..
     Extremely clear in his teaching and is able to provide countless practical examples .. 
..  he is able to explain the material well and he is very approachable..                                         Students 2017/18
Very experienced ..shares anecdotes and real-life experiences to help ground the Accounting concepts...
Very humorous
... and clearly extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter.
His tutorials are always extremely entertaining
and educational.                                                     Students  2018/19